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In-House Fab Time and Rush Orders

Normal turnaround time once an order is received at Prosthetic Plus is 24 hours for test socket 2-4 days for finishing work and laminations. We reserve the right to add a rush charge for prosthetics if a turnaround time of 24 hours or less is required (except test sockets). Prosthetic Plus is not responsible for delays occurring if proper work order is not received. Leather Ankle Gautlets, 3-7 business day in-house.


All prosthesis fabricated will utilize customer requested components. Components not included in price.

Special Orders

Special orders (non stock) components cannot be returned, unless manufacture defect. Prosthetic Plus, will special order components with proper work order from customer. Customer responsible for cost plus shipping of all special order items.

Necessary Information

All orders must be accompanied by a completed work order. We reserve the right to hold work until properly executed work order is received.