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Prosthetic Plus is now the proud owner of a Vorum 3-Axis Carver! This new system will allow us to receive 3D computerized scans of each prescription rather than a negative cast. The 3D rendering of the body part is uploaded into the system where it can be modified and then “printed.” The digital image will then be carved out of a foam block placed in the carver. When the carving is done, the once square block of foam is now a positive 3D model ready for use in fabrication.

3-Axis Carver: Download
Central Fabrication Labs: Download

This is the demonstrational video for the 3-Axis Carver from Vorum:

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"To enhance the lives of Amputee's by fabricating quality prosthetics and orthotics to engage individuals lives to the fullest. Our vision is to create and maintain an amputee's lifestyle when adversities have changed their way of living."

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